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Re Pipe Services

Repiping is simply installing all new incoming water lines. replacing the old, failing system. Most people re-pipe because they have very low pressure, …
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Gas Pipe Installation

Installing a gas line is probably not a task to take on as your first do-it-yourself project. The risks of making a mistake outweigh the costs of a professional.
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Low Water Pressure

A lot of older homes will experience low water pressure, but you may be asking why? It could be time for a new shower head or you could have a hidden leak ….
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Toilets & Faucets Installation

Dripping faucet in our home and have probably ignored it for a while! That dripping faucet not only wastes water. Don’t wastes money
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Emergency Services

24/7 emergency services to Commercial & Residential Service. We deliver fast emergency services with a certificated Plumbing Technician
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Leaky Pipes

While we see a lot of leaking pipes during the cold winter months, it’s also very common year-round! Most pipes will begin to leak near the joints.
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Our Portfolio Works

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Providing plumbing services to Virginia, Dela ware, Maryland, West Virginia, California, Texas, Florida & North Carolina


Battlefield Plumbing is a family-owned business, providing plumbing services to Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina for single family’ town-homes and multi-units and Texas, Florida & California for multi-units since 1995. Owned and run by a Master Plumber, Battlefield Plumbing offers a complete line of residential and commercial plumbing services, including installations, renovations and re-piping using top quality materials and guaranteed first rate performance.

We are reliable, affordable and experienced in the removal and Re-piping of Polybutylene, Copper and galvanized pipes.

Recognizing that every situation is unique, we will work with you to address your particular plumbing needs, whether is a new construction, repairs or maintenance. We make every attempt to respond to emergency situations and to provide an accurate time frame for scheduled appointments. We will keep you informed about your project from the very start to finish.

Our first goal at Battlefield Plumbing is to assure your 100% satisfaction. We stake our reputation on it!!

What Customers Say About Us

  • “Neri and his coworkers were excellent to work with! They were so helpful, cooperative, knowledgeable, understanding, and caring. I would definitely use them again! The work was outstanding, and they went above and beyond to make sure my place turned out well. Thank you!”
    Darlene Yeager -
  • “We are so pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail exhibited by Battlefield Plumbing as they recently did the re-piping in our home. From the beginning, when they covered all floors & sectioned off open spaces, to the final perfect restoration of drywall & painting, our worries were alleviated and all went well. We would gladly recommend them to anyone who needs re-piping. Professional, dependable, speedy, friendly, patient…They are the very best!”
    Albert & Sharon Sachs -
  • “Thank you for a job well done! . The replacement of the Polybutylene pipe in my home was not the disaster I anticipated thanks to your staff! I was particularly fond of their attention to detail and neatness. Both the repiping and drywall repair was top notch. As promised, the entire job was competed in less than a week. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will definitely call upon your company for future plumbing needs”
    Jim -
  • “My wife and I would like to thank you, and your team, for the excellent job you did removing the Polybutylene piping in our house and installing the replacement pipes. The work was done quickly and met the schedule you had promised us. All walls were finished perfectly and we can’t even tell that they were repaired. In particular, we were very impressed with the attention that workers paid to covering carpet, furniture, etc. and generally minimizing the dirt and dust.”
    Eric -

Usual Home Plumbing Issues

Dripping faucets 15%
Leaky Pipes 35%
Running toilets 25%
Low water pressure 15%
Water heater 10%