Polybutylene Faq’s

Polybutylene Faq’s

April 23, 2016

Where Can you find Polybutylene?

Look for Polybutylene inside your home by the water heater and on the walls running towards the sinks and toilets. The polybutylene underground mains are usually blue, but sometimes gray or black. If you find any Polybutylene, it was most likely used throughout the entire house.  Repiping would replace all the polybutylene from the main valve cut off, throughout the house right up to where it connects to your faucets. Replacing the faucets is not part of the repiping but can be quoted separately.

Do I have Polybutylene?

  • Polybutylene pipe is grey, black or blue.
  • Interior polybutylene plumbing is almost always grey.
  • Exterior polybutylene can be blue, black or gray but is mostly blue.
  • Exterior pipes enter  through a basement wall or floor, concrete slab or come up through a crawl space.  Frequently  it will be near your water heater. Your main shutoff valve is attached to the end of your outside water main.
  • Stockpiles of polybutylene pipe were still known to be available up to 1999.
  • The most common sizes for polybutylene pipe are 3/8″, ½”, ¾” and 1″.
  • Polybutylene was used for both residential and commercial piping..
  • Polybutylene pipe connectors can be copper, brass, or plastic.
  • Connector types are barbed with a crimp ring or compression with a plastic or metal ferrule.